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Create A Catchy Tagline

How To Create A Catchy Tagline For Your Brand

If you haven’t already, you need to create a catchy tagline for your brand. Why? A brand’s tagline can summarise its vision and mission in just a few words. This short message will instantly convey what the business does to the customer. A great catchy tagline will differentiate your brand, tell your story, and essentially act as a salesperson for your business.


What makes a great catchy tagline?

If you’re creating a new slogan for your brand or product, you’ll want to make sure that it’s memorable. Take a look at these examples of catchy taglines that represent the brand but are also easy to remember:


  • Just do it! (Nike)
  • I’m lovin’ it (McDonald’s)
  • Get The London Look (Rimmel)
  • Melts in your mouth, not in your hand (M&M’s)


Recognise any of them? We instantly associate memorable taglines with their brand. Here are our top tips to creating a catchy tagline for your own brand.


1. Short, sweet and simple

If Redbull had used the tagline “If you drink Redbull, you’ll feel like you want to fly” instead of the iconic “Redbull gives you wings”, it may have never caught on. When creating a tagline, keep it short and simple. For a tagline to be catchy, you need it to be memorable.


2. Consistency is key

Consistency is imperative for effective branding. Your tagline should complement your exsiting logo, brand name and image. Think carefully about the use of colours, fonts and wording. Make sure they are all reflective of your brand’s image and values. A good graphic designer should be able to guide you when designing your brand’s logo and overall image.


3. Stand out from the crowd

To differentiate yourself from competitiors and encourage customers to choose you, you’ll want to stand out. To do this, focus on what makes you different. What is your USP? Figure it out, and use it. If possible, incorporate this into your tagline.


4. Stand-alone slogan

A catchy tagline should be able to tell you about a brand on its own, without the company name alongside it. Think about your tagline. What message it does it convey? Can you guess what  the business does just by the tagline? If you’re a start-up and just experimenting with ideas, ask a few friends or family for their opinion.


5. Feedback is your friend

Speaking of opinions, don’t be afraid to ask others for their thoughts and feedback. The major social media channels have handy poll features which you can use to gather the opinions of your followers. There are also free slogan generators available such as and if you’re struggling to get started for ideas.


6. Taglines for your target market

Think about whether your consumers are local, national, international. Consider whether your tagline is clear to your target market. If you sell to other countries, keep in mind that translating your slogan to another language can potentially alter the meaning. If you’re considering launching in another country, you may want to check out what your tagline translates to.



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