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4 Simple Steps To Social Media Success

Social Media Success In 4 Simple Steps. Marketing Made Easy.

We can learn a lot about social media success from the brands doing it right. While these tips may seem obvious to some, it’s surprising how many get it wrong. From #too #many #hashtags, to over-selling your services, there are still social media marketing mistakes being made amongst brands, businesses and bloggers. We break down four of the most fundamental steps to successful social media marketing. This is social media marketing made easy.


Relatable Content

Social media success is achieved by relating to and engaging with your audience. By following a 80/20 rule (creating relatable content 80% of the time and promoting your services 20%) you attract customers to you because they find your content enjoyable. Over-selling your products and services and spamming everyone’s news feeds with it 24/7 will only irritate your audience and ultimately result in being un-followed, or worse – customers taking their business elsewhere.

Now, creating relatable content for social media success will be easier for some brands than others. But it is possible to be done for all. Take a law firm, for example. People tend to only be interested in your business on a professional level. However, by posting some funny office pranks or creating content that focuses on the individual personalities within the office, you’ll attract viewers and help to keep your audience engaged. A sense of humour and creating light engagement is fast becoming more and more essential for social media success.


Regular Content

Being successful on social media means creating regular, relatable content. By posting at least once every one to three days, you’ll keep your audience engaged and ensure they don’t forget about you. Infrequent posting can make a business appear unreliable and isn’t good for the social media algorithms. In addition to creating regular content, don’t underestimate the power of responding personally to comments and messages. This is a simple marketing tool that ensures your audience are feeling valued and listened to. Responding individually will do wonders for your social media success and will help to boost your popularity.


Memorable Catchphrases

Whilst many companies already have a particular tagline, some are more memorable than others. A good tagline will help your audience to instantly recognise your brand and understand your concept. If you can create a short and catchy phrase for your brand it can really help to expand your audience. This will increase your chances of achieving social media success.


Sometimes It’s Just Who You Know

Having good relationships with well-known brands and individuals can be very beneficial to your social media marketing. If a business or person with a large following shares or features your content, you can quickly rise to fame. Now we’re not saying to force brands to share your idea or content, but there’s no harm in attempting to create some good relationships. Network with others and don’t over-sell. Be friendly and down-to-earth and you’ll naturally draw people to you. If you’re a blogger – engage with other bloggers and ‘guest post’ for each other. Twitter is a great platform for engaging with other members of the community.



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