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Think Outside the Box: How To Tips

Whether you choose to go DIY and design your logo or branding yourself, or hire a professional graphic designer, you may be feeling some pressure to come up with an original idea and design concept. Your brand is often what people notice about you first so you’ll want to avoid plain, boring designs. Whatever the scenario, here are some tips to help you think outside the box…

Start with your box

Try to start the process by visualising a box. You can’t think outside the box without a box, right? What we mean by this is, rather than thinking about the obvious shall ideas, give yourself a simple brief.

Break down what the purpose of the design is and let the ideas just start to flow. You need to find the right balance between having enough detail to make sure you’re going down the right path, but not so much detail that you can’t see past the initial idea.

Don’t overthink

Try not to overthink your ideas, fill your box with as many ideas that come to mind, however wild they may seem. Fill that box with anything and everything – there is no idea that isn’t good enough.

The more ideas the better. Open your mindset and your feel the ideas begin to flow.

Condense your team

Ever heard the saying “too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the broth”? The same can be applied to design, too. If you get too many people involved in the eary design process too soon you may never leave the first phase and struggle to agree on ideas. Wait until you’ve conceptualised the first idea and then go for it.

Welcome feedback and critique

Once you’ve conceptualised your idea don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. It’s a good idea to take on board critique feedback and ideas with honest consideration. A close mind can result in a poor design that doesn’t relate well to the target audience.

We hope you found this article useful and hope it’s given you some thoughts about striking the right balance during the design process.

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