Window Displays

The Wonders Of Window Displays

If your business has its own venue, then your venue really is the ‘window of opportunity’ for your business. Window displays can do wonders for any business; with quality, eye-catching signage you can advertise products and services, attract attention to sales and offers, convey a story and bring your business to life.

How to get started

If you’re new to the world of window displays, there are a few things to consider before spending out on professionally printed posters and signage. Here are our pointers to follow to not only create a great display, but also help to keep the costs down:

How visual is your product or service? Will you be advertising products or services? How attractive are your products? Are they visually attractive enough to have an impact by just using quality images? If your product isn’t visually appealing or you are selling a service, how could you create a story around that product or service? Think about other images you could use to help convey that message. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

What location is your venue in? Consider your surroundings, and where the main footfall is traffic is in relation to your venue or window. Are passers-by one metre away, or is there a road in between? By thinking about where people will see your venue from, you can start to consider what size displays you will need, and get an idea of how important font and text selection is. There’s no point in including small paragraphs of text and a series of modest-sized images if there is a busy street dividing you from the public – they won’t bat an eyelid and your display won’t create any impact.

Who is your target audience, and who is your actual audience? You may market your business to a specific niche or consumer group. But the majority of your passers-by may not fall into this particular group. Try to consider links between your audiences, and create displays relevant to your passers by.

Is your display telling a story? People are often less inclined to purchase ‘products’ than they are experiences. If you sell flowers, visually stunning displays of colourful flowers is great, but why not consider setting the scene for the flowers being a special gift, using a ‘scene’ to convey how much joy the bouquet has brought to a specific individual. It’s always a good idea to relate to people whenever possible.

Are you changing with the seasons? Displays aren’t designed to be created and left alone. You should put careful thought into the planning of your window displays in terms of each season and trends throughout the year.

If you’d like some more tips and advice about creating professional, impactful window displays, feel free to drop us a message! Our friendly team are always on hand to help with any questions you may have.

Did you know we provide signage and professional displays? For more information or for prices please contact us.

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